Preserving the global Armenian experience through photography

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Goal: $285,000 Between Now & January 

Our immense archive contains the mosaic of a shared global Armenian experience from the 1850s to today. It’s your experience. Your family’s experience. Let’s take ownership of it together & secure Project Save for future generations!

Since 2021, we’ve launched exciting initiatives that have greatly elevated Project Save’s profile:

  • we just moved to a larger space where we can hold exhibits and events!
  • annual Artist & Research Residencies
  • Conversations on Photography series
  • redesigned website
  • strong new Advisory Board
  • plans for exhibits, events, & outreach in 2024

But the cost of everything has gone up drastically. Archival management, skilled employees, planning exhibitions, events, outreach and initiatives all require more substantive resources.

Our aim is to become self-sustaining so that Project Save can reach its true potential as the oldest, largest such archive in the world. Imagine the impact!

The JumpStart Campaign will put us on that path and help ensure Project Save’s exciting new chapter. 

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