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Some of our major changes since 2021:

  • A new, spacious location with offices and a gallery space for visitors, exhibits and events!
  • Articles about Project Save in The Smithsonian Magazine, Boston Globe, and Acid Free.
  • New Advisory Board whose members are high-level experts from the Getty Museum, the Smithsonian, Oxford University, Library of Congress, Harvard University, Boston Public Library, and other institutions.
  • Conversations on Photography series of talks by photographers, researchers, and archivists from around the world.
  • Annual Artist & Research Residency for accomplished researchers and creators to engage with the archives and produce new work.
  • Beautiful new website to engage more with the public, researchers, educators, and artists.
Black and white photo of a large family group. The young children are seated in front of the adults.

Our Goal: $285,000 

Project Save is a unique, 48-year-old startup with massive potential! But now we urgently need seed money to invest in our bold new vision & expansion. It’s time to take ownership & JumpStart Project Save’s next chapter!

JumpStart Circle $6000
Help fund two Researchers or Artists in Residence at Project Save for a duration of 3-5 months.
JumpStart Pillars $15,000
Help fund one of the many collections Project Save holds but hasn’t been able to fully archive due to lack of staff.
JumpStart Guardian $30,000
Help fund a large exhibit of Project Save’s collections to attract a wider audience and interest.
JumpStart Founder $50,000
Help fund two months of professional archival staff, rent/utilities, archival/tech supplies, and outreach costs.
JumpStart Trustee $300,000
Help secure Project Save’s sustainability, so our mission can reach its potential and make a regional and global impact for future generations!

*All JumpStart donors will receive four 2024 Project Save calendars with 1 personal message, plus a multi-year Project Save gallery membership (includes most ticketed events). 10% of calendar proceeds go straight to aid Artsakh refugees. 


From Artsakh to Aleppo, history has been repeating itself lately.

With the tragic loss of Artsakh, people’s photographs were also lost. In an instant, thousands of photographs documenting many generations of vibrant Armenian culture and life on that land are gone. And once gone, such photographs–and the stories they tell–are irreplaceable.

Project Save is the largest and oldest organization in the world whose mission has been to preserve, catalog, and share photographs of the Armenian global experience. In our 48 years, never has that mission been more urgent and vital than right now.

Invest in our mission to preserve and tell the Armenian story through photographs–a universal story of struggle, survival, change, and revival.

Did you know managing a photography archive as large as Project Save costs at least $396,000 per year?

And yet, for 48 years, our annual budget has been less than half of what’s required. We’ve made tremendous progress since 2021, and we have further plans for expansion and outreach, but we need your support on a larger scale to help us finally reach Project Save’s potential.

We’ve made tremendous progress since 2021, culminating with our recent big move to a wonderful new location with more offices and a gallery space for exhibits and events! And we have further plans for major expansion and outreach, but we need your support on a larger scale to help us finally reach Project Save’s potential.