Preserving the global Armenian experience through photography

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Our Armenian Spirit

Through our photographs, Project SAVE Archives celebrates Armenian identity, sharing treasured cultural elements such as music, food, family, and faith. One hundred and six years after the Armenian Genocide, our objective is to amplify the themes that thrive across generations and distant lands, which reflect today’s vibrant Armenia and the Armenian people worldwide. The featured photographs make it easy to visualize being an Armenian anywhere in the world in the last 160 years, despite the differences in fashion. The thread of tradition runs through these photos and their stories, creating a tapestry of dynamic Armenian life.

Since 1975, Project SAVE’s work has been collecting and protecting the photographic heritage of the worldwide Armenian community. Amassed from individuals, family members and organizations, the photographs in our archives span the globe and every decade since 1860. Contributed primarily from personal collections, many of our photographs show families gathered together, often in posed groupings, but also images of people making and eating food, in church groups or other organizations, with many hands sharing the labor-intensive work. Other images, old and new, display musicians with the same instruments used a century apart.