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The Smithsonian FolkLife Festival
June 27th – July 8th in Washington DC

In support of the Smithsonian’s Folklife festival, Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives is proud to share photos of picnics in America from 1900 through the decades.

Armenian picnics continue today, teaching new generations traditions still celebrated throughout the Armenian Diaspora.

Below is a taste of our photos featured on the Smithsonian’s Folklife Festival blog,

The Armenian Picnic: A Connection to the Old Country

The St. Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Church annual Madagh (Offering) picnic, on a July Sunday 1978; photo by Racine Journal Time photographer Rosario Natale D’Acquisto. Courtesy of St. Mesrob Church, Racine, Wisconsin St_Mesrob_Arm_Church_26-97
Hankerchief dance at Catskills picnic, Tannersville, New York, late 1920s, photographer unknown. Courtesy of Sona Kludjian KLUDJIAN_13-79
Armenian Student Association (ASA) picnic for young and old, Goddard Park, Warwick Rhode Island, c. 1939; photographer unknown. Avedis Avakian plays backgammon against Armenag Kalustian as their wives, Gadar Tekmejian Avakian and Mrs. Kalustian, look on. Courtesy of Anahid Avakian. AVAKIAN_Anahid_36_89