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Thanking our Archivist of 14 years, welcoming new Archivist

Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives is grateful for Suzanne Adams’s fourteen years of service to the organization as Archivist. Suzanne ushered in the digital age at Project SAVE Archives by implementing and overseeing digitization of photographs, as well as introducing a database for cataloging photograph information which was kept on paper for decades. She provided photographs and information to people from around the world who sought images for their fascinating and diverse projects. Suzanne also served as a mentor to numerous volunteers and interns interested in archival work.

An award-winning story teller, Suzanne competes in The Moth’s various StorySlam events. We wish her well in her retirement from Project SAVE Archives and continued success on stage!

Marta Fodor joins Project SAVE’s staff as Archivist and brings with her years of experience in digitization projects most recently with Brandeis University and the Museum of Fine Arts, as well as formal training in photography, archives, and library science. Marta holds a BFA in photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and a Master in Library Science from Queens College, CUNY. She is also currently enrolled in the Digital Archives Specialist Certificate program through the Society of American Archivists.

Her work with Project SAVE Archives will create more public access to the photographs and their stories, to make our archive more outward facing. Marta can be reached at

Marta is a photographer, then an archivist, creating personal photographic projects about immigrants, folk dance and cultural identity. She is also her family’s archivist, digitizing photographs of her grandfather taken during his military career in Eastern Europe after WWI.

Project SAVE Archives professional staff are a major strength and asset to the organization. The work of collecting, preserving, protecting and making the photographs available for use is carried out with care and with knowledge. Suzanne Adam’s work over the last fourteen years is greatly appreciated and we are proud to have the leadership of the new Archivist, Marta Fodor. Together, we are saving Project SAVE for future generations.