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Thank you Tommy Vartabedian

Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives
is proud to dedicate our 2017 Calendar
“Who We Are, Our Armenian Identity”
in memory of
Tom Vartabedian

Project SAVE volunteer appreciation luncheon, photo by Renee DeKona

Tom Vartabedian blessed Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives with his service on our Board of Directors. With a big heart, he brought his professionalism as a master journalist and photographer to our organization–an ever-present voice for the importance and value of preserving our heritage through photographs and their stories..

Now, Project SAVE Archives is proud to preserve Tom’s legacy–his images and words. We extend our sympathies to dear Nancy, Sonya, Ara, Raffi, and their families.

And Tommy, Thank You, for continuing to support Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives by designating us as a recipient of Memorial Donations made in your name.

Tom and Ruth teaching Wilmington High School students about the Armenian Genocide.