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Project SAVE is in a movie streaming now on Netflix!

Project SAVE’s photographs are reaching wide audiences, thanks to the documentary film streaming now through Netflix!

They Shall Not Perish: The Story of Near East Relief
by George Billard

Documentary filmmaker George Billard visited Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives in 2015 seeking images of the Armenian Genocide and the work of the Near East Relief. He researched hundreds of our photographs with the assistance of our Archivist, Suzanne Adams.

The nine images selected for this film illustrate vibrant life before the tragedy of the Genocide, and in the hope of recovery brought by the Near East Relief.

Project SAVE is proud to have its collections featured in this luminous work, now available to millions through Netflix.

Family of Hovagim and Herespe Jafferian Kharpert, Ottoman Empire, circa 1911 Photographer Unknown. Only Andrew, far left, and Venice, far right, survived the Genocide. Courtesy of Andrew Jafferian.
Near East Relief Juniyeh School, Juniyeh, French Mandate of Syria,circa 1923-1925. A recuperating patient who was taken out in the sunshine each day. Photographer Unknown. Courtesy of Hrag Varjabedian

Project SAVE is working to keep the photographic heritage of the worldwide Armenian community vibrant for future generations by:

  • Collecting, documenting, and cataloging photographs
  • Connecting people with their family history, and
  • Providing visual resources to researchers and the general public.

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