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Project SAVE Archives' reaches greater audiences and an upcoming print sale

Project SAVE Archives promotes the culture and history of Armenian people by working to make the photographs and their stories in our collections available for public use.

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Project SAVE Archives is pleased to have several images included in Boston College Department of History’s digital project, Global Boston.

They sought us out as a source, and visited the archives in search of photos taken before WWI, of Armenians in Massachusetts. Thanks to this collaboration with Global Boston, our photos are now accessible to wider audiences.

The Global Boston digital project recognizes that “immigrants have long been a vital force in shaping economic, social, and political life.” Take a look:

A Portal to the Region's Immigrant Past and Present

The Swedish History Teachers’ Association is publishing an article about the Armenian resistance fighters of Musa Dagh in their yearbook, Historielärarnas Förenings Årsskrift. Project SAVE provided photographs featuring the 1932 commemoration of the 1915 Musa Dagh Resistance, which will be included in their next issue.

Founded in 1942, the Swedish History Teachers’ Association consists of elementary, secondary school, and college history teachers, as well as individuals interested in history. The Association works to provide resources to its membership.

Selected for The History Teachers' Association Yearbook Tombstones of 18 Armenian martyrs at Damlajik, Musa Dagh, French-Syrian Mandate, 1932 photograph by Vartan Derounian Courtesy of Marie Bashian Bedikian.

Nubar Alexanian, Photographer/Filmmaker and Project SAVE Board Member, recently traveled with his daughter Abby to Armenian villages in Turkey. They tell their family’s story in the upcoming feature documentary film, Scars of Silence.

This March, selected prints from their trip will be available for sale as a promotion for Project SAVE and to support our work!

This is a unique collaboration between Project SAVE and Walker Creek Media, LLC, producer of the film Scars of Silence.

Armenian village of Chengiler, in Yalova, Turkey. Photo by Nubar Alexanian

Donate Now Project SAVE is working to keep the photographic heritage of the worldwide Armenian community vibrant for future generations by:

  • Collecting, documenting, and cataloging photographs
  • Connecting people with their family history, and
  • Providing visual resources to researchers and the general public.

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