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Our photos in USC Shoah's iWitness program

Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives is proud to partner with the USC Shoah Foundation-The Institute for Visual History and Education, that provides access to testimonies of survivors and witnesses to the Armenian Genocide, Holocaust, Nanjing Massacres, and Genocides of Guatemala, Cambodia and Rwanda.

A selection of Project SAVE Archives photographs are now integrated into their award winning IWitness educational website.

Shoah Foundation's Sedda Antekelian and Project SAVE's Tsoleen Sarian look through digitized photos

IWitness users can access a curated selection of images from Project SAVE within the “Images” database and the number will continue to increase.

As a result of this integration, students will be able to conduct research, corroborate sources, and use the photographs in their uniquely produced work.

“By expanding the IWitness program to include Armenian photographs from Project SAVE, this collaboration will give teachers and students the opportunity to gain insight to a more complete story of the Armenian people, from pre-genocide to post-genocide.” Tsoleen Sarian, Project SAVE’s Executive Director.

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