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Our First Digital Exhibit! A New Partnership!

Thanks to your generous support, we are excited to share with you some recent accomplishments and news!

Project SAVE Archives promotes the culture and history of Armenian people by making the photographs and their stories in our collections available for public use.

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Our photograph exhibit, “Spirit of Survival” is now available for view on our website! Click here to take a look!

The photographs collected from Armenian individuals and families illustrate life from the 1860s through the 1950s, providing testimony of resilience even as the Genocide 1915-1923 attempted to annihilate their existence.

The exhibit shows villages’ resistance efforts, and individuals enlisting in foreign armies to fight against the Turkish perpetrators. In the aftermath of the Genocide, the photographs show rebuilding and thriving families and communities.

We plan to offer additional photograph exhibits online, thanks to sustained financial support. Each exhibit will be curated around a specific theme. This is how digitizing our collections of original photographs helps make them more accessible for public use. Contribute now, and stay tuned!

Marash Cilician Armenia French Mandate 1919 Photograph by Stanley E. Kerr Under the protection of the French mandate Armenian deportees return to Marash from exile in the Syrian desert. Courtesy of Rev. Vartan Hartunian 6-88


We are pleased to partner with Houshamadyan, a project to reconstruct Ottoman Armenian town and village life.

This exciting partnership will raise awareness of our collections, and share the cultural history of Armenians through images and stories to greater and more diverse audiences.

Our advisers helped us shape the memo of understanding where Project SAVE will provide Houshamadyan with images from our collections for exhibit on their website and to further their research. Houshamadyan will direct attention to our Archives as a repository to preserve original print photographs of Armenians from all places and decades.

Visit and look out for images with Source: Project SAVE, Armenian Photograph Archives, Watertown, MA

In case you missed it, the Armenian Mirror Spectator featured an article about our executive director, Tsoleen Sarian last month.


The new exhibit opens at the Armenian Museum of America
with excerpts from the film Scars of Silence by our Board Member, Nubar Alexanian and his daughter Abby Alexanian,
and photographs by Nubar.
Curated by Jennifer Liston Munson.

Join us for the Opening Reception and Gallery Talk
Thursday, September 28 6-8pm.

Donate Now Project SAVE is working to keep the photographic heritage of the worldwide Armenian community vibrant for future generations by:

  • Collecting, documenting, and cataloging photographs
  • Connecting people with their family history, and
  • Providing visual resources to researchers and the general public.

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