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Inspiring our 2019 Calendar, Armenians Call to Action

The Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives 2019 calendar honors Armenians and all who fight for justice, who build and rebuild Armenia and the Diaspora, and who contribute their time, talent, and resources for a cause.

Our 2019 calendar’s themes of activism, protest, and service are inspired by social action movements in the United States as well as Armenia’s Velvet Revolution.

In the coming weeks, we will share additional stories and images that inspired our calendar theme.

Nora Nercessian, PhD, was instrumental in establishing the Women’s Reproductive Health Center in Yerevan, Armenia in 1991. It was the first walk-in outpatient facility of its kind throughout the former Soviet states.

Dr. Nercessian pictured holding flowers surrounded by Center's staff, photographer unknown.

With the commitment of the Mayor of Yerevan, she assembled physicians and advisers from Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and other Harvard affiliated hospitals. Together, they created a board to oversee the funding, training of staff and implementation of the Center.

Physicians and nurses from Massachusetts, Maine, Georgia and Alabama traveled to Armenia to train the medical and nursing staff of the Center. Dr. Nercessian contributed to crafting the bilingual medical education program for physicians, nurses, administrators and patients, focused on prevention and early treatment of a wide range of gynecological and obstetrical conditions.

Center staff are mentored by visiting medical personnel, photographer unknown.

The Center was the first in Armenia where the PAP was used in cytology. It was also the first to use the LEEP procedure for the treatment of some cervical conditions.

Between July 1992 and December 1997, over 80,000 patient visits were registered. The patients receiving care included residents of Armenia, as well as Armenians and non-Armenians from Moscow, St, Petersburg, Kiev, the Crimea, Tbilisi, Kazakhstan, Syria and Iran.

The groundwork laid by Dr. Nercessian’s activism over the past 26 years has yielded the now self-sufficient Women’s Reproductive Health Center which continues to follow protocols and methods established in the early years. We are inspired by the use of Dr. Nercessian’s expertise and the harnessing of her extensive network in service to the Center, staff, patients and their families.

This endeavor galvanized our 2019 theme of activism and service, although photos from the Women’s Reproductive Health Center were not selected for publication.
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