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Digital Commonwealth Launch

Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives added its first set of photographs to Digital Commonwealth which provides access to collections from libraries, museums, and archives across Massachusetts.

Take a look at Project SAVE’s 220 beautifully digitized banquet and panoramic photographs.

This collaboration brings awareness to our work beyond the Armenian community, as the photos can be explored across a variety of websites.

We hope to continue adding collections to the Digital Commonwealth, particularly ones that are public in nature and large photos difficult to digitize in-house.

Digital Commonwealth provides access to materials through a consortium of libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies from across Massachusetts.

The photos are digitized by the Boston Public Library’s state-of-the-art digitization labs, funded by the MA State Legislature.

Project SAVE is working to keep the photographic heritage of the worldwide Armenian community vibrant for future generations by:

  • Collecting, documenting, and cataloging photographs
  • Connecting people with their family history, and
  • Providing visual resources to researchers and the general public.

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