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Activism Inspires our 2019 Calendar

The Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives 2019 calendar honors Armenians and all who fight for justice, who build and rebuild Armenia and the Diaspora, and who contribute their time, talent, and resources for a cause

The theme of our 2019 calendar is activism, protest, and service. Our calendar is inspired by social action movements in the United States, as well as Armenia’s Velvet Revolution.

We are also motivated by our photo and fund donor Nancy Kricorian, among others.

Nancy shared her photos from 2008, of participating with CODEPINK, a women-led grassroots organization working to end U.S. militarism, support peace and human rights initiatives, and redirect our tax dollars into healthcare, education, green jobs, and other life-affirming programs.

Although Nancy’s photos were not selected for the 2019 calendar, they inspired activism and service as our theme.

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