About Project SAVE:
Testimonials & Accolades

"Thank you for preserving fragments of Armenian history and memory. We are all indebted to you. "

Vartan Gregorian -
President, Carnegie Corporation of New York

"In its exhibition 'The Armenian Genocide', the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum sought to document the vibrancy and variety of Armenian society in Anatolia during the Ottoman period. We discovered in the collection at Project SAVE Archives an incredibly rich visual record, a treasure trove of precious personal and studio photographs. Together, these gave face to the distant past, breathed life into a lost culture, and created a human commonality for emphatic understanding."

Stephen Goodell -
Chief Curator and Director, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.

"Project SAVE Archives was directly responsible for upholding some of the veracity of my PBS documentary 'An Armenian Journey'. When the Turkish government and their agents attacked the sources of the program's archival photographs, I was able to refute their false claims, in part, because the sources of Project SAVE's photographs were impeccably researched. Project SAVE is an invaluable international archive for journalists and filmmakers like myself."

Ted Bogosian -
Producer and Director of Numerous PBS Television Productions

"I found out about Project SAVE and the work of Ruth Thomasian in 1988 when I was curating the Massachusetts Program for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C. The project is such a great model, we reproduced some of the photographs and quotes, and had Ruth come to the festival and talk about her work. I saw it as a sort of metaphor for research on Massachusetts immigrants as a whole, not just Armenians. Ruth later came to the Smithsonian for a training program on "community scholars", and she taught us as much, if not more, than we taught her. When anyone asks me for a good model for a community-based documentation and presentation project, I always tell them about Project SAVE Archives."

Dr. Betty J. Belanus -
Educational Specialist, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

"For me, Project SAVE has become the source of collective memory for the Armenian people. Recently, when my 12-year-old daughter, out of the blue, expressed a new curiosity about her heritage - she asked me to show her pictures and tell her stories about being Armenian - I knew it was time to take her to visit Project SAVE to see Armenian History through the photograph."

Nubar Alexanian -
Photographer for Time, Life, and National Geographic

"I am deeply grateful for the existence of Project SAVE Archives. Project SAVE is not only a photograph archive, but also serves as a witness to history. As a writer, I am deeply concerned about the preservation of Armenian artifacts and images of our history from before and during the Genocide. This is important for historians and researchers. For a great, ancient civilization that was nearly wiped off the earth in 1915, the reconstruction of our past is essential to our present and future. Project SAVE's mission ensures that what Armenia can offer the world is inseparable from a superb presentation of its past."

Peter Balakian -
Professor of English, Colgate University; Pen Award Winning Author of 'Black Dog of Fate', 'Sad Days of Light', and 'The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response'.

"Photographs of the Project SAVE Archives reflect the history of the Armenian people and their heroic struggle for survival throughout the world. Frequently, these cultural jewels are all that remain of people, places or events, which deserve to be remembered by all of us."

Helen Engle -
Archivist, National Archives - New England Region, Waltham, Massachusetts

"I am happy to have your Project SAVE calendar, and I find it fascinating. The captions accompanying each photograph add an informative historical dimension. The work you are doing is splendid and will do much to break the silence of Armenian culture."

Yousuf Karsh -
Renowned Portrait Photographer, Ottawa, CANADA

"As my father, film director Aram Avakian, used to say, the family album is one of the most important uses of photography. Because photographs are evidence, the visual history of the Armenian people should be housed in the archives of Project SAVE."

Alexandra Avakian -
Photographer for National Geographic, and Time

"The value of Ruth Thomasian's archive is much greater than the photographic portrayal of the Genocide, for her pictures, gleaned from interviews with immigrants, show Armenians as they lived in their homes, their churches, their villages, and during their everyday activities. This revelation of the significance of Ruth Thomasian's collection, not only to Armenians but to every American, made me even more grateful to her for giving up her career as a costume designer in New York and devoting her life to Project SAVE, for in her work she has made available to all of us the visual record of a priceless heritage."

Sigrid Reddy Watson-Terman
Freelance Writer
Past Director of the Watertown (MA) Free Public Library;
Past President of the Historical Society of Watertown