Digital Access

We have taken significant steps in creating online access to our photographic treasures. A selection of images from our collections are now available for public viewing on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. We are currently working on our first Virtual Exhibit: "The Spirit of Survival" which will be available for viewing on our website in 2016. We plan to continue expanding our online access as funding becomes available. Digitization of collections is multi-faceted, involving substantial outlays for continuous upgrading of computer hardware, training in digital imaging, technical support, and investment in database systems to catalog and access the images and their extensive documentation.

We thank the Manoogian Simone foundation, the Bilezikian Family Foundation, the Thomas A. Kooyumjian Foundation, and the Azadoutioun Foundation for the funding which has brought us to this point in providing digital access. We continue to seek funding through foundation grants and private donations to continue with this project.